18 August 2010

Too Fast, Too Soon

You might wonder what my post will be about based on the title. It can be weight loss, growth, expansion or just about anything about getting big and wider. However, that is not the case. It has nothing to do with expansion or increment. It's all about the dexterity of my mouth to out-run my thoughts. Simply put, my mouth is faster than my thoughts. And I have noticed that this week.

As usual, I become a different person only when I am in the office. I am very calm and happy at home because home is where my heart is. Lately, "my mouth speaks what my heart feels" and this is not telling my colleagues, it is telling my bosses! No, I am not venting out my sentiments and grievances to them but I am already giving them a piece of my mind - in an assertive and yet stern manner, still doused with respect. 

I used to just say yes this and yes that even if I have to beg for extra appendages to do my work. Now, I just tell them straight that I cannot finish this or that on time or they move the deadline. I have been vocal about what I can and cannot do now because the bosses are compromising me without consulting me first or asking what other projects I have. This is the problem with people, they think of some bright ideas and I get to do the dirty work. And who else gets the credit? Of course, NOT ME. So now, forgive me if I am wrong but I believe it is my right to advise them if I can meet the deadline or not by being realistic and being in the "real world" and not somewhere else where I can warp time to their advantage. I know I should think a million times before I say something especially in the work area. I am beyond that now. I am tired. I need to speak up or forever hold my peace. 

People are just asking the impossible these days. I feel that they are pushing their staff to the limit by requesting impossible feats in short notice. I am already bugged with so many work I can barely breathe and here they come, throwing more work to me and asking me to deliver the end product in 10 minutes time. Say what?!? Unless I am the goddess Shiva (is she the one with plenty of arms?), then yes I can commit. Hello, last time I checked, I only have 2 arms, 10 fingers, 2 legs, 2 feet, 10 toes and 1 torso. For crying out loud!

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