20 August 2010

Waiting for the Winter

Summer seems to be short this year. It was not the same case because same month last year, it was very hot and humid. This morning, when I drove my hubby to the airport, it was a bit breezy and slightly cool which was not normal.

I wonder if the weather is really changing because of global warming or mother earth is just going through a cycle. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the winter and hope it will be pleasant unlike last year when I didn't even wear any winter clothing. We didn't even take out the electric blanket and thick comforters to warm us. I didn't get to wear my thermal socks at all! Not that the winter is very cold here, it is just that the air from night time to the early morning has that cold, crispy feel and you can actually get the shivers. Besides, we do not have any fireplace to warm our place.

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