20 August 2010

Waking Up Disoriented

I had a very bad day yesterday in the office. I also received a phone call from my sister about my mom's stroke. She was rushed to the hospital but is now recovering.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit disoriented, puffy-eyed, dizzy, exhausted from all the crying, confused and absent-minded. I have been looking for some of my stuff but I could not figure out where I kept them last. I knew I have been missing my polo boots and other business outfits which I haven't worn for some time. I was also searching for my other purses which I could not remember where I kept.  What is going on?

Oh, I am so young to forget things. Could this be stress or sheer exhaustion for being exposed to people who does not matter but gives me tough time 8.5 hours, 5 days in a week? 

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