28 August 2010

What's New on the Big Screen?

It has been a while since my husband and I watched a movie together. It was the Ironman 2 and I enjoyed the thrill of watching the action-packed movie on the big screen.

I want to watch a movie this week. I like something funny and romantic or even animated as long as it is light and not violent. I can use my card to purchase the theater tickets in advance so I can reserve the seats my family and I prefer. I will wait until next Thursday so the new release of movies will be up by then. If not, we can all still catch Despicable Me or Toy Story 3.


  1. we haven't watched toy story 3 and are looking forward to doing so ;)

    thanks for the visit at my old blog! well, whatever you decide, i'm just an email away ;)

  2. Thanks sis...sobra naman kasi ganda ng mga templates na ginagawa mo eh so I am getting very tempted. Don't worry. I will think about it and will let you know. :) Probably, not soon...


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