21 August 2010

World Wide Coverage

I cannot stress enough the importance of  being covered by an insurance; be it for yourself, family, home, auto, travel, pets, health and business. It does not matter where you are too. You may be in Timbuktu or Antartica but the need for a good coverage is a necessity.

My husband and I ensure that we are fully covered. We want to feel safe and know that we won't be hassling other people when the emergency arise.

Whenever we travel, we always carry our travel insurance for protection and safety for unforeseen events. So, when we travel again to the US next year, we will make sure that we carry a North Carolina health insurance and travel insurance to cover our trip. We may take a long drive from New York to North Carolina to visit some friends. Although, we pray that the trip will not be eventful, it is assuring to know that there will be help everywhere.

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