20 September 2010

Assessment Today

I applied for a higher position in a different department sometime back. I have forgotten about it already until last Tuesday when I received an email stating that I was shortlisted. I was so ecstatic!

Today was the assessment day. There were only 9 (including myself) shortlisted candidates for the one position we were all applying for. Five of them are from the same department. The rest are using the product being marketed by the department already. I was the only one who has no background on teaching nor have a lengthy use of the system required. I am familiar but not a very intensive user.

We were asked to present something to gauge our ability to be spontaneous and creative. I showed them what I am good at - arts and crafts. The feedback was really good and I was tickled pink.

Much as I want to be positive in this endeavor, I feel that half of me says to be realistic... 5 people from the same department where the opening is needed are vying for one position they are already familiar with. You do the math.

I am thankful though that I was considered for the post. That, in itself, is a great consolation. I have reached that far as compared to the numerous who have applied for the position and was not called. The next step will be an interview if I pass the assessment. Let us see where the Lord will take me from here.


  1. Hi Ria, i wish you well.
    God knows the best for you.
    Whether you succeed or not, there are more blessing you are truly thank for.

    God bless,

  2. Thank you Mommy Abby for the well-wishes! I leave it to God to give me what HE deem is best for me.


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