17 September 2010

Binding Service

I had the opportunity to try out numerous office equipment during my tenure in one of the prestigious banking institutions in the Philippines.

I had worked on high-tech photocopier machines which auto-stapled your documents. I had tried copying on colored photocopiers too. I had used facsimile machines which acted as a printer and phone at the same time and considered advanced during that time. I had tried using cross cut shredder to dispose highly confidential documents. Binding documents were easily done with the use of imported binding machines from gbc binding. It is not surprising for me anymore to see numerous advancement on the things that we use today especially on the field of binding and printing.

MyBinding.com is a great site to check out if you want to compare various models and supplies according to your preference. If you are scouting for supplies for your printing and binding service, you can count on MyBinding.com to provide you details of their machines and stocks.

Their web site covers variety of items from binding machines and pertinent supplies to 3-ring binders to laminating pouches and laminating machines to shredders to ID supplies including lanyards, pins, retainers and badge reels. It is haven for companies which are considering to update their equipment and stock with the latest in the market.

The price is also justifiable as they are offering great deals for their binding machines and binding supplies ranging from $1.70 to $9.99. They have 30% off coupon to give for the next purchase and upon linking to their site with a live text link.

Payment method is hassle-free. You may wish to checkout using your credit card or Paypal account. Another great thing this site has is their "guaranteed low price" offer where they will match the item you find from another site which has a lower price than what they offer. And what is best with their low price guarantee is that they will even include the handling and shipping fees on their match.

Apart from the great prices they are offering, they also have items which can be customized according to your companies requirements.

Shipping is free for orders of $75 and above. They also ship to international destinations.

MyBinding.com is the site to check for all your binding needs and other office paraphernalia. If you get lost somehow due to the numerous stocks and machines they carry, you can always get the assistance of their online live chat for a prompt advice.

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