15 September 2010

Feeling Restless and Tired

The past few weeks have been very exhausting for me. Well, this week is not different from the past as I grope my way through the tons of pending work I have to finish in due time.

I can't seem to find enough time to complete the tasks on hand no matter how hard I try to manipulate my time management skills. 8.5 hours is merely not enough to deliver everything the people around me needs.

I am having bouts with hyper-acidity again because of the pressure and stress. Not to mention that my blood pressure is sky-rocketing because of  the demands of work. I may just find myself going through a depression treatment if this continues until end of this month. I don't like it when I am not my usual bubbly and perky self.

I don't want to be toxic so I hope this ends very soon. I just want to be my usual self again. I don't like this weird feeling...

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