27 September 2010

Idol Judges on Season 10 Announced

It came as no surprise anymore as I have been reading a lot about the new judges on American Idol Season 10. Kara, Simon and Ellen is out officially. Only Randy Jackson is left amongst the original AI judges who helped bring out the great talents of America from Kelly Clarkson to David Cook!

Last Wednesday, Ryan Seacrest announced the new Idol judges to grace the Season 10 talent reality show. The judges are Steven Tyler, the famous front man of Aerosmith and the father of Liv Tyler and the diva, Jennifer Lopez or JLo as she is commonly known.

I just lost my will to watch the show now. I have nothing against Randy Jackson as he is a sweet guy but I am not sure of the producers' pick on the other 2 judges' slots. 

I think I'll just wait for the end of Season 10 to announce the winners. It's not fun anymore without the acerbic Simon's comments and the funny Ellen to put humour on the judges stand. 

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