17 September 2010

Lady Gaga's Gone Too Far

I respect PETA so much albeit I am not a staunch follower. I love pets, I love animals and respect their well-being. 

I read recently in the web that Lady Gaga sported "meat" inspired dress. So, I searched the net for pictures and almost gag when I saw her donning the outrageous outfit with matching mini head piece and shoes!

She said she did not mean any disrespect by wearing the meat-dress. What ever her reasons were for donning such a tacky outfit is up to her. However, think of the tormented animals being butchered to have that dress done - if that dress is indeed made of real "raw meat." 

Franc Fernandez, the designer, did not leave a comment. 

Lady Gaga has just gone overboard this time. People have accepted her theatrical performance and outfits but this one is just over the top!

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