29 September 2010

Needle Art Craft

I am quite crafty when it comes to making stuff and pouring creativity to life. I must have gotten it from my mom, aunt and grandmother (all in my mother's side) who are very skillful with their hands. Her sister, my aunt was also a great crafter. She would look at Quilting Patterns or stitched project and the next day, would have her own finished and improved product. My grandmother was a dressmaker and would often make pretty ball dresses for us. My mom is also good in crocheting and cross-stitching. I love cross-stitching too. And now, I am passing the same torch to my daughter who has a flair with arts and crafts. Her favorite medium with the needle work is fabric felt. She makes finger puppets and pouches out of fabric felts. She stitches all her project by hand. And her work is quite impressive given her young age.

I am quite fascinated with needle arts and craft. I have dabbled only in cross-stitching and basic dressmaking as far as needle art is concerned. I am aiming to broaden my skills by learning how to crochet, punch needle art, quilting and embroidery. With these extra craft to learn, I will require stitching equipment, tools, and Punch Needle Supplies to help me complete my projects. I will also need various threads and different types of needles depending on the kind of needle art I will undertake.

I have not started with one particular needle art yet. I am still researching and reading plenty of resources I can find about a certain needle art. I will have to gauge if my passion will linger, long enough for me to complete a project. As far as being crafty and creative is concerned, I am quite good in the paper crafts. I still have to hone my stitching skills which I know is not too late. Everyone can learn a skill or a craft at any age.  So, I can still master a certain needle art as long as I put my heart into it. 

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