26 September 2010

Out of Sync

I have been staring at this blank blogger composition page for about five minutes until it hit me. I think I am going through another "blogger's block" this time around. It is not very often that I experience this kind of mental block.

My mind seems to be out of sync lately with the enormous stress factors present in my life at the moment. I am stressed at work. The work load is overwhelming. My financial standing is not looking good despite the tight budget. I am thinking of my mom. Some people are asking for monetary help. My vacation leave is coming but I am still wondering where I will get the extra budget for that (if hubby foots the bill then at least one problem is solved...). There are just too many things going on in my head right now that I am having difficulty to focus.

I hope I snap out of this soon. It is unusual for me to get in a rut like this one. I always remind myself of the countless blessings I have in many, many form. I should be thankful, right?

I guess this is just a phase in my life. I probably need a longer vacation or a new working environment. Oh, I hope I get good news soon.

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  1. heya, i got that too! many responsibilities lodged on our heads as working mum including the charity to do back home. yeah, we had to be always thankful at all times. God is ever so good as always! :)


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