18 September 2010

Pimple Be Gone...Please!

My daughter's skin problem is still at its peak. We already took her to a dermatologist last time we had a vacation in the Philippines. She was given a hypo-allergenic soap for her face which was mild with balanced ph level. She was told to drink plenty of water, have enough rest and to skip oily and junk food too.

The skin doctor also prescribed an acne cream to use at night on her problematic areas like the forehead and the T-zone. So far, the pimples on her forehead had diminished. However, new pimples are now visible on her nose area.

She is really into the puberty stage now. Much as I try to console her that things like having pimples and blemishes are part of growing up, she is not convinced. I am not sure if we can blame it to the genes since her dad had pimples while passing thru adolescent period. I was not spared too but had barely an outbreak of blemish.

I hope this skin problem does not affect her social life and the way she sees herself. I am just scared that this blemish issue will mar her confidence in meeting people and being who she really is inspite of the external appearance.

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