15 September 2010

Round and Round I Go

I am not on a merry-go-round or riding a ferris wheel as I write this post. Again, it has something to do with work and how dizzy I am today from going from one place to another and back again to my home-base; only to find out that I have to go to another place again to ensure that everything is in order. I am like a whirlwind. Sometimes I wish I am clairvoyant so I can be in two places at one time.

I must have lost a kilo walking and running around the other adjacent office buildings to finish some work. It is like drinking the Fastest working weight loss pills on earth! If this continues until end of this month, I will surely lose not just 1 kilo!

It may be favorable for me to walk around from one place to another but walking under the heat of the sun is a different story. Arggghhhhh!

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