27 September 2010

A Surprise in the Mail

Gone are the days when people wait for the mailman to deliver something special from the post. I remember when I was a kid; I always waited for the mailman to deliver some letters from relatives and friends from far away land. I would wait with bated breath on the arrival of some great news and goodies through the snail mail. However, times have changed drastically. Most people don't send stuff anymore. They email or chat but never write the old school way.

Well, today is different. Just when I thought that the snail mail is going extinct; I received a very pleasant surprise from the mail and it was from my dear friend in NYC!

DN sent me a hand-stitched picture of a little girl flying a kite with a quotation. It is so beautiful. I showed it to my colleagues when I opened the parcel. They loved it and I loved it more!!! I was gushing like the little girl I used to be waiting for something good in the mail. She also enclosed a card with a very touching caption. 

I am really thankful for the gift of friendship and to know the fact that we have never met in person yet and we both feel the connection. We are like kindred spirits, sisters from different mothers, great pals of long ago and yet, we only met through Facebook.

Thanks DN! I am so happy and very touched by your generosity. I told you before, you didn't have to bother with anything. Your friendship alone is a great gift in itself. You are a wonderful person!


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