10 September 2010

Tap-Tap-Tap on the Floor Above

Living in our flat is like that poem of Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven only it's real. Unlike the raven in Poe's poem that tapped on the door, this tapping I hear most nights is from our neighbor above our floor!

I cannot fully comprehend the reason to walk around your house at midnight, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock and even wee hours of the morning wearing clacking footwear. I could imagine the person causing all these tapping on the floor wearing a heeled-footwear. I thought the ceiling will be impermeable with sound since we have slightly high ceiling and made of concrete. Oh, I was so wrong!

This person just tap-tap-tap with gusto without realizing that he or she is causing so much disturbance at night. There are moments of peace when I sleep early and deeply but if I climb the bed later than 10:00 p.m. then I will be in trouble. 

The weird thing about that "walking noise" above our flat is that I only hear one shuffle. Sometimes a bouncing ball but oftentimes, it's the tapping of the heeled-footwear. 

I wonder if that person has another type of footwear aside from the noisy ones he or she wears around? Perhaps, a little introduction to the ever reliable flip-flops will be fine.

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  1. I had experienced a similar thing like this. When I was living alone in New York, the people who live on the floor above me, were so noisy every weekend night. I could hear their shoes (or feet) tap-tapping , walking across the room and it bothered me so much because it always happened from 11:30 p.m. to the wee hours of dawn. One time, I couldn't take it anymore, that I went up and knocked on their door and asked them to be silent ......after that I never heard of any noise nor tap-tapping on the floor at night again.


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