17 September 2010

Tiny Cat Village

Nothing makes me go "awwww" when a human being does something good to our furry, four-legged pals. I came across this article in the internet about a man who built cat-sized village for the homeless cats in Jacksonville. 

Craig Grant is not a fan of cats but his son moved out of the house and left a cat to his care. Little did he know that the cat was pregnant and soon had a litter of 5. 

He bought a 30-acre tree farm land near his Jacksonville condo and moved there. He erected the tiny cat village as a shelter for homeless cats and now houses 660 happy and purry pals!

Check out these photos and credit goes to Caboodleranch.com.

small cat city hall

Caboodle Ranch sign with cat

Craig Grant with cats

cat closeup

What a marvelous cat village!!! Don't you just love happy endings? :)

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