16 September 2010

Too Much Information

Using Facebook and other social network sites is so enjoyable. We get carried away on the status bars and  games and comments. We even posts pictures and videos of special happenings in our lives.

I am guilty on some accounts but not to the extent of divulging so much information for the world to know. I am posting this to share important tips on what "not" to share on Facebook and other social media sites. Reasons out weigh the need to be buddies with the people in the social media sites. For one, your personal safety and protection should be your utmost concern. Second, too much info about yourself and your activities poses high chances of getting hacked or your identity be stolen. Also, many employers now seek social media sites to check on applicants so beware on posting angry status, dissing remarks on colleagues and bosses and uploading pictures and videos of  something you will not like others to see.

Here are information you should not divulge in public:

  1. Birth date
  2. Birth place
  3. School/Universities
  4. Location
  5. Mobile contact details
  6. Pictures and Videos (these you may want to keep to a minimum or something you will not be embarrassed to show the world)
  7. Unnecessary comments and remarks (you be the judge...)

Set up your privacy settings according to your preference. I have set mine to just allow "friends" to view my profile and pictures. As of this writing, I have already edited my profile in Facebook to show only the general information. I have also removed "friends" who I really do not know nor have spoken or communicated too.

Well, these are just measures as precursor to safety and protection to take to avoid any hassles or worse, major problems in the future.

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