28 September 2010

Weight Loss on Track Again

I temporarily slowed down in my quest to lose weight when I dropped 4 kilos in a span of a month's time. The doctor advised me to take it easy because it was not good for my body to take in such a drastic loss in a short period of time. So, I went easy and forgot to go back on my quest to lose more weight.

With the onset of the cooler months, losing weight has become more challenging because it is harder to sweat. I have to start my weight loss program again by October whether I like it or not. I cannot fall in a rut.

I am considering to try diet pills that actually work but have to be careful since I have hypertension. The doctor said that I have to consult a physician before I actually buy a diet supplement due to my condition.

On second thought, I will go back to my salad-eating habits again and skip on the bad carbs and sodas. I lost weight by skipping on sodium too. So going back to that clean eating (albeit, bland and sometimes boring) habit will definitely jump-start my metabolism again.

This is it! The weight loss program is on!

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