18 September 2010

What Shoes to Wear?

I have been contemplating on buying some pairs of shoes to complement my existing business suits and office wear. Most of the shoes I have bought are 5-7 years old already. I mean, given that time frame, they should have given up on me. I only buy branded shoes because they really last long and quite durable too.

I went to the mall last week to check out some nice high-heeled shoes which will look good on my trousers. Some of them looked like the high-end Prada shoes, Jimmy Choos and the lovely Louboutins. My budget is rather tight so I can only go for the not-so-high-end brands like Aldo, Rockport and Nine West.

It does not hurt to dream to have any of the luxury brands because I am sure that the price you pay for is worth it given the quality and craftmanship of each designer shoes.

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