29 October 2010

안녕하세요 한국에서

Ok, I got that from translate.google.com and it stands for - Hello from Korea!

Yup, we just got here this afternoon and the weather is so chilly. I am not used to cold weather but I am loving it here so far.

I had my first nose bleeding episode already, probably due to the cold weather. We're all fine, tired and sleepy but excited too.

Tomorrow's agenda is just going around Seoul for sight-seeing. I am not sure about shopping because my budget is really tight. We passed by the night market in Myeongdong a while ago and I am so tempted to buy a "fake" Ugg boots. My daughter and I call the fake Ugg - Urgh! hahahaha, Honestly, I am not one to buy counterfeit items but if you see the fake Ugg, you cannot tell it is fake. I'll ask dear hubby to buy me one...hehehehe.

As for souvenir hunting, it's still early to look for that. I just want to enjoy and bask in this beautiful place.

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