18 October 2010

Can't Get Fat! Not Again!

It's probably that time of the month again. I feel so bloated. Nothing seems to fit me. I can run straight to the "plus sizes" boutique now because my trousers which were just hanging to my waist last week are so tight. I wonder why!

It must be the over-load of carbohydrates lately. I am not a rice eater, well at least, not everyday. However, the past few days, I have been eating a cup of rice for lunch. It is unusual for me to do that but my friend keeps bringing me nice "chicken biryani" for lunch and shares her large portion to me. Who can say no to grace?!?

I will be checking the Best over the counter diet pills available here in Dubai because I think I will need them. Exercise-wise, I am very on track but the eating of carbs is getting a bit out of hand. What can I do, I love biryani!!!

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