28 October 2010

Clearing Unwanted Stuff

10 years in Dubai and we have already amassed so much! I am clearing so many clothes from my closet, including old shoes and bags. I even cleared my husband's and daughter's closets to sell unused clothes, toys and footwear.

The books are another story. We love books so much so it is very difficult to part ways to some of my collections. I even saw my pregnancy books which I kept for posterity. I browsed through them and relived memories of my motherhood. I read few chapters again on how to product more breast milk, the trimester of pregnancy and how to adjust to a growing belly. I even unearthed old pictures of my bulging belly in one of the books I have kept. Ah, the memories. However, I have to be practical. I won't be needing those books anymore so they will have to go.

The kitchen is also a haven for unnecessary kitchen utensils to sell. I have gadgets which I never used like the egg beater and electronic can opener. The verdict - they will have to go.

If I keep doing this every quarter, our house may end up empty! It's good to do this once in a while. At least I get money back from the things we barely use. I am learning so hard to be more practical and minimalist.

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