16 October 2010

Going To Korea!!!

I am so excited! This is our first time to visit Korea. We just got our visas and raring to go...but not just yet! My leave does not happen until the end of the month so I have few more days to bear and grin it in the office.

I have been researching about the country since 2008 when we initially planned to go there instead of Europe. However, the lure of Germany and Italy were overpowering the charming country of Korea. So we decided to wait for some time. Then recession came but thank goodness, we managed to visit the great USA even before the peak of recession took its bite.

We still have cancelled a lot of planned trips after that. We were supposed to visit the US again last January but called it off due to an unexpected circumstance surrounding my passport. So, for 2010, our annual family trip will be in the beautiful country of South Korea. This time there will be no shopping involved because our budget is very, very tight. It will be plain sightseeing and relaxation only. This trip, by the way, is an all-expense-paid trip of my hubby for us. He knows I am so stressed so he is treating me and our daughter there. 

Korea, 우리가 간다!!! ( <---- Got that from the internet...hehehe). It says - Korea, here we come!

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  1. What happened to your passport then? Well, i know how it feels to be thinking about an oncoming vacation. I had never been to Korea except when our plane from the US stops over there---sa airport...hehhehe


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