20 October 2010

Health Nut - Boost Immunity this Cold Season

Winter is upon us and not long from now, we will be experiencing seasonal changes that will affect our immunity.

People here always get sick when the seasons change because the wind coming from another region brings dusts, pollens, migrating birds and their bacterias and what-have-yous. The sudden change in the temperature also exposes people to other natural elements like extra moisture and cold draft. The human body have to adapt to all these and re-adjust to be able to battle the coming of the colder months.

So, even before the cold weather bites, try to follow these simple tips to boost immune system:

1. Eat apples - why you might ask? Well, apples contain pectins which are good in boosting the levels of immune-supportive proteins.

2. Get inoculated - I cannot stress this enough. Be prepared and have yourself and family vaccinated for influenza and other boosters which can aid immunity.

3. Wear warm clothing if the weather is cold and keep the head warm by wearing cap if you have to do a jog at the park early morning or in the evening because of the cold draft.

4. Exercise - a quick strut can boost one's immune system and the sweat helps in releasing toxins out of the body.

5. Have a good night's sleep - getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day will help stave off the sniffles during the cold season. Why not enjoy your comforter and bed a little longer?

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