16 October 2010

Herbal Appetite Suppressant Tea

My sister is encouraging me to try sipping herbal appetite suppressant teas to aid my weight loss. I tried drinking herbal teas before but somehow got acidic. I am not sure how that happen but maybe the caffeine from the tea made my stomach acidic. Maybe the brand I tried was strong for me.

Anyway, I am not against the idea of taking herbal appetite suppressants. As a matter of fact, I bought some tea bags from Thailand last July which I drink at least thrice a week. It is working well with my stomach. I do not feel acidic at all. I bought five boxes of that tea and I love the taste. It is not so bitter and actually taste a bit sweet.

My appetite is quite regulated right now. I just drink plenty of water, move a lot and eat portion-controlled meals so I do not gain more that I should.

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