21 October 2010

How Do You Eat Your Pizza?

I got this from a forwarded mail. It is so nice and informative and I want to share this to all. Credit goes to the author of this article. Great job! (see end credits...)


Pizza - How do you eat yours?
A lot can be said about a person by the way they eat pizza

Pizzas in Italy are served whole, rather than being cut into slices before arriving at the table. As such, Italians tend to eat their national dish with a knife and fork, rather than grabbing at it with their mitts.


These are people who want their pizza and want it now. There’s no time for knives, forks or folding, and no qualms about treating their dining companions to views of the back of their throat – it’s simply a case of tilting back the head and lowering the pizza into
a gaping gob. Chewing is optional.

Not quite as conservative as the traditionalist, but a little more restrained than the dangler, the folder ensures the toppings stay put by folding the pizza slice lengthways before eating.

Crusties are a special breed of people who insist on eating the crust first: they usually do so by tearing it off and dipping it in ketchup or some other description of condiment. It’s thought that crusties subscribe to the motto ‘the best things come to those who wait’, because they’re effectively saving the tasty bit of the pizza until last. We just think it’s a bit odd.

Top feeders
Top feeders tend to be children aged four to 11 who insist on scraping the topping (mainly pepperonis) off the crust and eating separately. However, some fail to grow out of this habit and continue to infuriate their dining companions by dissecting their pizza in a most unsightly manner.

Three ways to make an Italian pizza chef angry
1. Rave about American food (‘I just can’t get enough of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza!’ etc). Your life expectancy and/or time left in the restaurant will be reduced to a matter of minutes.

2. Ask for a pineapple on your pizza. Italians just don’t do fruit on pizza. Never. Ever.

3. Apply tomato ketchup. Ketchup was invented by British people to make their rubbish food taste marginally less rubbish. If an Italian chef sees you slather on the red stuff, he’s going to think you have the same regard for his food as you do British food. Not good.

By Oliver Robinson
Time Out Dubai, 12 October 2010

-End quote

So, are you guilty? I am! I am a FOLDER. Love eating my pizza that way. :) Hmmmm, this post just made me crave for pizza.

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