20 October 2010

Keeping Up With the Emails

I posted in my other blog about the amount of emails I have in my inbox recently. My email account reached to 2,000 plus unread emails! I don't know how that build up but over the course of one week, I religiously unsubscribed to most of the online publications I have joined in the past. A lot of them I have barely read and I wonder why I ever signed in the first place.

My inbox is now down to 419. It is still a high number to my standard. I used to keep my inbox to a max of 50. I may still have to discontinue other services' newsletters and catalog/brochures I get online in the future. Also, I have already filtered emails from family and friends and other stuff.

I am aiming to keep the number to a low 100 by end of the month. Let's see if I can reach that goal.

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