23 October 2010

Our Future Home

We have already bought our third property out of our hard-earned money here. I am very happy to say that even if our bank accounts are as slim as the slim-fit pants you can find nowadays, we have three properties to be proud of.

Plans for purchasing a fourth property is in the pipeline but this time it will just be a vacant lot where we will build our future home. It has been a dream of mine even when I was still young to build my home according to my own preference. I have collected so many clippings of beautiful homes, bedrooms with white wardrobe, patios and garden photos over the years and have kept them for reference. I am already in the process of gathering photos of furniture I want to have in our future house too.

I love everything cozy, light and white or creamy and earth tones. So, you can sense that the furniture will be of light color. I just like the feel of seeing a pristine atmosphere at home with natural light seeping and clean and crisp-looking furniture to go with the ambiance.

My daughter has been bugging me too about what she likes to have in her own bedroom. Since we already have furniture here in Dubai which we can take home once we are done with our stay here, I have decided we can have painted bedroom furniture for her. It will save us money. Also, the ones we have here in Dubai are expensive and durable. I will have to ship all of them because I know they will look good in our future home considering the theme I want to carry out - light and natural and a bit minimalist too.

I am not rushing on this plan right now because my husband and I have to discuss money matters as well. The recession is still on and we want to make sure that if we go through our plan to buy a residential lot and later on build a house on it, we are financially capable and ready to release money due to the demands of building a home.

It is not a sheer joke to plan for this. However, I do not want this to be just a dream. I may have to work  5 more years at tops to finance this goal. It is not a long shot but with our determination, dream and tight-budgeting skills, our dream home will be ours.


  1. Wow, dami nyo na napundar! :)
    Ako din, I also love cutting pics of my dream house and how it would look like inside. I have clippings din of furnitures and I always buy Interior Design mags :)

    How are you na? Hehehe, di kita macheck sa FB, ni hindi nga ako makapagopen nun these days :) Will do next long weekend, sa Friday na un! :P Take care!

  2. Buti pa kayo ang dami-daming properties na......kami isa lang , yung aming condo and nothing else.....kaya nga ako bumalik ng Pinas para mag Nursing para maabot yung dreams na magkabahay at magkalupa.
    Way to go.....Ria!

  3. @Beth - Hirap, tyaga and a lot of sacrifice para makabili ng properties back home. We want our daughter to be financially secured when the time comes.
    @Bingkee - I wanted to take Nursing too but because of health reasons, I cannot be in the field of health care. Okay yan, when you finish your course, you'll be able to earn big time and save enough to buy more properties in the future. Are you taking BS Nursing again or just associate courses? Meron bang diploma courses lng ng nursing sa atin like for LPNs?


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