19 October 2010

Quick Money

I don't grow money out of my limbs. That is what I always tell my family. However, ever since my dad passed away, my brother and I have been pulling our resources to send money back home. What I don't understand is, our family in the Philippines seem to not realize that we are also affected by the recession.

I have been telling them over and over again that my bank account is as flat as a paper. I wish I can do something to help everyone but I am also tight.

Our company does not offer payday advance so they will have to wait until my brother and I get our salaries by the end of this month.

Quick money these days are hard to find. Pre-recession, the banks here would run after us to offer personal loans and high credit limits cards. The table has turned and the banks are very strict now. Some banks don't even lend to "Filipinos." I will not go into details as to why but it is a fact.

I don't want to ask for another loan just to help every body out. If I do that, I will never, ever get out of the financial rut. I need to help myself and my family here too. I just wish my family back home will try to understand that.

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