17 November 2010

Back from NYC!

We just came back from New York City. My darling husband decided to spend the Eid Holidays there and it was a decision made in haste. We had no plans nor itinerary laid out which was unusual because I always made it a point to organize the trip.

We stayed in the Upper Manhattan area along 96th street in Days Inn Hotel. The location was perfect because it was walking distance to the metro station. The hotel was also close to the Central Park, some Catholic churches, Michael's (my favorite arts supplies store), TJ Maxx and cafes and restaurants.

People there, like in Seoul, are health buffs and exercise all the time. The metro was packed and we walked around Time Square and Central Park. I felt that I lost more than a kilo just by walking around the city. It was as if I have taken fat burners because my pants has gotten a little loose! Wow!

I like the place. I love the weather! I love New York!

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  1. You'd just been to NYC? Hope u can come back again when I'm there....I live almost close there.


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