24 November 2010

Bath and Body Works In Dubai

I have waited for so long for this favorite store of mine to open here in Dubai. Finally, last week of October, the first Dubai branch of the famous ultra-pampering scent store has opened its doors here.

I first encountered this brand when a friend gave me a lotion as a gift 2 years ago. Prior to my fascination with Bath and Body Works stuff, I was totally into Victoria's Secret and would order online to get my loot. I am glad that the favorite stuff I used to get from the outlet malls in the US are now available to the Dubai market.

I just bought some bacterial soap from Jersey Gardens last November 14 while vacationing in New York. Thank goodness I recalled that there is a Bath and Body Works shop here so I just bought the  promotional items there.

I haven't visited the place yet. I may check it out these weekend to compare prices. I am sure it will be slightly higher because of the mark-ups but it is okay. At least I don't have to cross the Atlantic Ocean just to get my favorite scented lotions and body mists.

What would they open next here in Dubai? Victoria's Secret perhaps? They already opened Gap, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, American Outfitters, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. I hope they'll consider opening the Middle East market to more great American retail stores across the sea.

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