23 November 2010

The Beauty in Rustic Furniture

I remember scouting for a furniture when my husband and I first bought our house. It was around 1999 before he left for Dubai.

We must have visited one shop after the other in a place in Manila where furniture were the main highlight of the place. It is one stretch of furniture shops to choose from.

My taste then was still different. I preferred having a certain country and homey feel to my furniture. I vividly recall selecting a white wicker living room set which was around $200. Back then, that price would be so much but I feel in love with the rustic furniture that I didn't consider the price. I know it was not a very wise move, money-matter wise. However, both my husband and I loved the rustic piece. Even our respective families were gushing on how pretty and dainty the wicker living room set was.

I felt proud owning that wicker set. It has been with us for sometime and my daughter has sat on it's soft cushions while growing up.

The wicker set is now in my mom's house. It will still be my favorite furniture because of its simple beauty.

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