26 November 2010

Dreaming of a Longer Vacation (in NYC)

My body clock is starting to settle in the usual Middle East time. My heart and mind, though, have not.

I normally don't fall in love in a place so fast unlike the way I felt when we visited Paris. I instantly loved New York maybe because of the lifestyle which is similar here in Dubai. The fast-paced life did not appeal much but the fact that everything is almost accessible is a plus factor. I love the fact that we can just go to the subway and take the train to where we want to go without hailing a cab. We don't have to rent for a car to drive around. We can go to the nearby Catholic Church to hear mass. Cross 2 blocks to visit my favorite arts' store - Michaels and simply enjoy the nice fall weather. Not to mention, Central Park is just around the corner if I need to jog.

I have been thinking about New York since we came back. I know I am feeling this as a tourist but it will be a different ball game when I am a New Yorker. To work there will be a different story. I am not aiming that anymore as I have set my heart back home. I don't know but NYC has that certain charisma that draws you more. Funny that in every vacation to other countries that my family and I have, this was the only place I dreaded leaving. I wanted my vacation to last longer than it should. It was the same feeling I have when we visited Paris. I just wanted to stay there forever.

I need a longer vacation. Maybe a month-long vacation will do me good to get away from the work stress and other personal dilemmas that I face right now. I want to soak in more of New York's simple beauty.



  1. Ay buti ka pa nga pa NYC NYC na lang. Sabagay, every tourist's dream naman talaga un e. Bka naman bagay kayo dun ng family mo, why not? :) Or bka mejo nabburnout ka na diyan sa work mo ha? Take time to rest. :)

    Anyway, I hope that you're okay, Ria. Always pray :)

  2. Hi Beth!
    I miss you na. How's your family?
    Well, iba ang charisma ng NYC. A place like no other, ika nga. Initially, we wanted to migrate pero recession and mahirap mag-start from scratch again eh. Considering too my lack of patience sa office politics. Baka di ko na kayanin mamasukan sa iba ;)

    God Bless and keep in touch ;)


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