05 November 2010

Flea Market Day Tomorrow

I did my last minute clearing of old clothes, books and toys this morning. I can finally say that I am all set for tomorrow's Flea Market. I am looking forward to sell all the unused and unwanted stuff I will bring to the park tomorrow.

I didn't make any inventory anymore. My friend said it would be difficult to keep track of what is being sold. So, I'll just pray that every item I have will be bought so I don't have to take them back again and worry where to stash all of those stuff.

Selling your old clothes, toys, shoes, books and other stuff is a great way to earn and clearing closets at home to lessen the clutter. It's also a good idea to mingle and meet new people and probably strike a network with someone who has something good to offer, be it products or services.

I hope everything goes well tomorrow!


  1. I should try this sometime. It seems fun and very practical... :D

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  2. hay...pangarap ko yan! magset ng Garage Sale naman. To clear unwanted items na and at the same time, earn from them. I hope all goes well nga! :)

  3. @Beth - I earned approx $180 for the used stuff I sold. About 80% got sold and we'll have to recycle the ones we brought home again for January's flea market. Kakatuwa nga eh. I have young children holding a wad of small bills asking for my daughter's stuff toys, board games and old books. Of course, I had to give it to them for 50% of the price. It's the least I can do to make a small child happy :)


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