23 November 2010

Give Peace a Chance

This post is not a tribute to one of the popular songs of the Beatles. I am posting this article to call everyone to stop fighting and give peace a chance.

I cannot help but throw the newspaper out of the window because of the negative headlines I read most of the time. Well, it's the negative that sells, right?

What is this fighting in Korea now? Just because South Korea was firing into disputed waters for their military drill, North Korea had to retaliate by bombarding the island of Yeonpyong. Although North Korea had warned and requested South Korea to halt the military practice, the latter still pursued. Hence, the havoc and mayhem.

Goodness, what is going on in this world of ours? If it's not volcanoes spewing lavas and ashes, then it is the machine guns spitting bullets to innocent people.

Come on! Give peace a chance... Sometimes it pays to lower our principles because what we're fighting for may be very trivial at the expense of the hundreds of innocent people caught in the middle of the battle field. It's just not worth it...

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