19 November 2010

Hoodia Weight Loss

I have tried some weight loss supplements in the past and one of them was hoodia. I cannot recall the effect it has done to me but it is one of the few that worked for me.

Prior to trying weight loss supplements, I have gone through numerous web sites and health stores here to check out the products. The health stores have shelves full of weight loss supplements. So, I asked myself then, "does hoodia really work?" I did not buy on impulse because I wanted to make sure that it was not hype.

I checked with my friends who have lost weight and some of them suggested that I try hoodia as long as I couple it with regular exercises and proper and balanced diet.

Now that I have hypertension, it is very difficult for me to take supplementary medication or vitamins because it may cause palpitation. I will check with the doctor again if I can try taking hoodia while taking my hypertension medication. The last thing I want to happen is to have complications.

Hoodia weight loss supplements may be the answer for some but I still suggest for people who wish to take any weight loss supplements to check their physician.

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