17 November 2010

Loving New York

I love to travel. My family loves to travel. We are a travelling family and we love doing that.

Whenever we go to other countries, we try as much as we can to see the place, enjoy the sceneries, breathe in their culture and observe how it is like to be one of them.

I have heard negative things said and written about New York and the people who live there. I guess what I have read and heard are all based on other people's point of view and personal experience. We just stayed there for 5 days so I cannot make a very concrete judgment about the place and people to quell the negative things written and said about them. So far, we didn't encounter anything that would "write-off" NYC in my list of "go-to" places.

Yes, the place is manic. People shuffle here and there. The movement is quite frantic and not to mention the billboard signs which light up most of Times Square at night. However, I have seen the other side of the manic world of NYC in Central Park last Sunday after we heard mass from the Holy Name of Jesus Christ Church near 96th St. West. People were having fun, exercising, playing soccer, children running around the playground, dogs fetching sticks, moms pushing their babies strollers, young fellows reading books and talking while seated on the benches and people just sitting there enjoying the sight.

I know it takes a lot of time to really let everything sink in but I am loving New York. I can't even believe people still open doors for you. It didn't happen just once by the way. People still greeted each other with hellos. Nobody shoved us while we gawk on the marvelous sights around us. New Yorkers are rather accommodating, if my observations are correct.

I want to go back there. Perhaps as a tourist again. I don't think we'll ever live in the US because of the recession. While I contemplate my next move, I will be reliving every minute spent in the beautiful city that never sleeps.

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