04 November 2010

One Less Bell to Answer - The Etiquette Bell

Have you ever encountered odd devices stuck on a public comfort room before? Well, this is the first time I have seen an Etiquette Bell. I was really baffled when I saw an electronic device stuck in the comfort room cubicles of Incheon Airport. The device which looked more like a door bell gadget was placed strategically (and within arm's reach when seated) on the wall inside the cubicle.

So, I thought of taking a picture of the device and research about it upon my return to Dubai. I was a bit surprised to find out that it was actually NOT a bell which would ring when the button was pressed. It is a device to cover unwanted sounds made when you do your thing in the rest room. Some devices play fake flushing sounds, violins and soft music for 20-30 seconds. 

I didn't press the one inside my cubicle for fear of an army brigade rushing to my cubicle and tearing my door down or some siren-sound to come out of the device and call every one's attention. I wouldn't like to be caught dead seated there while the weird device makes funny sound. No way!

Well, I think this device is kind of cool. I hope they install them here in Dubai too so I don't hear weird noises from the nearby cubicle. 

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  1. Hahaha! Me ganun?!?! ang galing! sana meron din niyan dito sa atin! :) natuwa ako diyan, ha? cool nga...

    sumaglit lang ako dito, Ria! good to know you had a good time in KOrea!


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