26 November 2010

Seasonal Skin Blemish

The weather is getting quite cool here in Dubai. It is this seasonal changes where my skin breaks out in rashes and other skin irritations. My face even becomes more oily considering the weather is cool and it should make my pores a little tight.

I think I have to minimize the use of a rich moisturizer for now so I don't aggravate my skin. A use of
therapores will use help in staving future break outs to save my skin from further damage.

Maybe I should change my moisturizer into a light one so I don't get too oily or I can actually fry an egg on my face! I have also avoided using facial soap for the time being just to clear away the blemish and rashes.

My face is not the only affected area. Even my arms have small rashes. I think I got this from playing with the fall leaves in Staten Island few days ago. I remember kicking all the dry leaves and started to feel a bit itchy on some of my arms but not on the legs area. Hmmmmm..... I hope there was no poison ivy anywhere on the bunch of leaves I have happily kicked around.

Anyway, my seasonal skin blemish is causing a stir at the moment. I am careful with my food intake too. Lesser fatty and fried stuff and more on fresh fruits and vegetables.

I hope this skin blemish goes away fast. I feel very uncomfortable.

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