04 November 2010

Security Around the Clock

I could not help but wonder why there were so many wireless cctv cameras in Seoul. They were just everywhere I turn my head to, the hotel hallway (thank goodness not inside the rooms and bathrooms too!), the metro subway stations, the ATM machine stands, the lifts, the cashier areas, in restaurants and even on some shops' front door.

Seoul was like a land of CCTV cameras! I think, being a modern and industrialized country, they are also particular with their people's safety and security. It is a good way to curb untoward events and minimize crime.

I guess it is working well for their society as crime rate is relatively low for a global and rising nation.

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  1. It is the same here in the USA, cameras are everywhere and it is a wonderful tool for police to deter crime and to solve it as well as evidenced by the recent Boston bombing.


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