04 December 2010

The Big Tree

It is that time of the year again. The crisp air smells of holiday spices. The coolness of the season keeps families gathered in their homes by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying each other's company. Amidst the gleeful spirit of the holiday is a tree - either it is from the line of Artificial Christmas Trees or the real deal - that stands on the corner of the house, witnessing the cheery feel of the atmosphere. The Big Tree is up again.

Many people are eager to feel the holiday spirit by buying Christmas Trees as early as November. It does not matter what kind of Christmas Trees people prefer for their home this time. The objective is to have one at home where people can gather around and decorate as a family.

Choices of Christmas Trees vary from White Christmas Trees to the traditional greens. Some company are being very creative with their offers too. Some artificial Christmas trees are even colored pink, red or yellow. The live Christmas Trees are also the favorite of many because of the natural scent of pine and the nature it emits at home. The scent adds extra feel of the Yuletide season.

The Christmas Tree will always be a part of the holiday season. It is one of those things that makes Christmas homey and full of loving memories from families who are celebrating the joyous occasion.

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  1. we might have the real tree very soon. I'm just kinda worried that the girls would play with it..let's see:) anyway, it's really something special when family gathered around the tree with so many gifts under it. exciting, right?

    I'm posting different colors of trees I have seen recently. I was in awe seeing them.but nothing beats the real one!!

    thanks so much for your comments and your visit. those are truly appreciated.

    have a lovely day!!


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