23 December 2010

Busy Cleaning

I posted few days back that I will be conducting end-of-the-year cleaning. Today is day 1 and so far, I am progressing well. I love to clean up especially when there is no one to distract nor stop me from throwing the unnecessary clutter we have collected over the years. The only sad part is that, we have all fond memories of some of the stuff but I believe we should separate or distance ourselves from the earthly ties we have on material things. So, I am moving on...

Clean, clean, clean. That's what I want to obtain by the end of the year. I am even de-cluttering the negativity in my live right now. I want to welcome 2011 with a positive outlook and determination to beat the odds, no matter what them may be.

I'll say good bye soon to 2010 with a clean house (and mind, heart and soul) and will  welcome 2011 all bright and beaming with joy.

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