07 December 2010

Canon EF Lens Range for Camera Lovers

My husband is an avid photographer. Our daughter seems to follow his footsteps too when it comes to snapping pictures and taking the beautiful angle of a subject, whether it is nature, an object or a person. I don't seem to have that "eye for beauty" as I just click and click without knowing the value of focusing.

The only camera and lens my husband uses is Canon EOS. He has the extended lens to capture subjects from a great distance. I am amazed! He showed me the effect when he shot a NYC cab from the observatory deck of the Rockefeller. It looked so near!!! And we are 70 floors away from the ground. Talk about powerful lens!

So, if you're one of those avid photographers who just can't live without the camera and its accessories, check this out. And if you have been very good, you may even get this from Santa ;)


  1. hi ria,
    lucky tonight, i got the chance to check the blogsphere. there were times i got some bad connection. i could just went in a blog site but cant send comments. i guess i owe you one!

    got a Canon compact digicam before my birthday. Its SX30 IS powershot. Still discovering its advanced features. That's why lately, i went on a search of photography sites coz i love taking pictures too. any tips? :D

    kind regards,

  2. hi Ria! I also like taking pictures and I was given a nikon d5000 for my birthday:=)
    still a lot to learn though.

  3. i wish i have enuf money to buy DSLR camera.. :-(


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