19 December 2010

Christmas is Around the Corner

5 days `til Christmas and the gifts are ready. I tasked my husband to buy the gifts this year and he gladly obliged without resistance. I thought he would rebuke the suggestion but he went along. Thank goodness for  a great husband like mine!

All the gifts have been wrapped and will be sent home. The gifts are mostly for the nephews and nieces and younger cousins. The older generation can enjoy the thought instead ;)

I hope we didn't forget anyone. It's so hard to keep tab of the number of children we each have in our respective families. Not to mention the godchildren. So, it's one long list for both of us. We are expecting  addition to the list when my husband's nephew, who recently got married, will add to the brood. It may be soon!

So, the Christmas tub is filled but not my Christmas tree. I don't mind as long as everyone's happy. 

Merry Christmas in Advance! 

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