13 December 2010

End of the Year Cleaning

We are saying good bye to 2010 in few days. I cannot believe how time flies! I remember making plans for 2010 last December 2009. Here I am, waiting for 2011 with bated breath and praying for a good year ahead.

It is already a habit of mine to clear unwanted stuff by the end of the year. I donate or give them away to people who needs them more. My plan this year is to clear the cupboards and closets of clothes, toys, shoes and household stuff which we no longer use.

I have been contemplating on whether to scrap the red couch my husband bought last year. It is showing signs of over-use because my husband loves to bring friends home regularly. So you can say that the couch is well seated. I really like to replace it with a contemporary furniture but the budget is really, really tight at this time. I want a modular type of sofa and not the classic and big ones. I hope my husband reconsiders my suggestion.

My eyes are also set on the old book cases in the living room. One of them was bought 3 years ago and the other one was older than that which was donated to us last year. My husband's friend was kind enough to give it to us because he noticed how much my daughter and I hoard books. I want to sell them because they are still in good condition. I just want to remodel and refurbish the house while I am doing my end-of-the-year cleaning. Maybe I'll get a big book case instead of having 2 narrow and smaller ones.

The appliances can stay because I cannot replace them yet. They are still working fine (except for the washing machine which I bought almost 8 years ago).

I hope to minimize all the clutter at home when I go on leave by the end of the year. I want to welcome 2011 with a clean and organized house.


  1. that's a good way to welcome New Year!

  2. Hi Mayet!

    Thanks for the comment. Yup, I have to de-clutter and welcome 2011 with a clean slate. It's just an eyesore to see our stuff piling and gathering dust when other people will find good use for them.


Thank you for your comment.