13 December 2010

Gift for Millie

Our loving and diva dog - Millie, is celebrating her 2nd Christmas with us. Last year, we didn't get her anything. I wanted to give something cute and "functional" to our four-legged baby. I scouted on numerous gift ideas for pets and narrowed my choice to personalized frisbees.

Dogs love to run in the park and play "catch" or fetch. A frisbee will be good for her. She will have heaps of fun running around and getting exercised as well. I hope the pet shops here carry some frisbees so there are choices. I'm not sure though if I can find a place to do the personalization of the stuff. If I were back home, this task would be a piece of cake!

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  1. I am delighted to meet your baby dog. It is really nice that you think a lot about it. I really enjoyed reading your blog.


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