20 December 2010

Gift-Giving this Christmas

We have actually completed the gift-hunting and shopping last weekend in time for the coming of Christmas.

Most of the gifts we bought were for kids. Our families are loaded with children so I can imagine the merriment come Christmas morning.

I didn't do the Christmas shopping this year and have left the task to my husband. I did tell him what would be nice for the people in our list. We thought of buying personalized stuff too. I know there are great deals in the internet. I found some deals at 20% off at PersonalCreations. I think that is a good deal considering the tight budget and the number of people we have in the list.

There are still other occasions in the coming months - birthdays and anniversaries of people we love. So, I hope I can still find great offers for personalized gifts.

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  1. It is really enjoyable to purchase gifts for near and dear ones. Festival is the nicest time to share our affection towards others by exchanging gifts.


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