06 December 2010

Health Nut - Blast Fat while Walking

Climbing the steepest hill will not burn all your fats. it will certainly help but you do not have to climb the mountains or run a marathon to help boost your fat-burning mechanism while walking.

Here are ways to help you blast those flabs away effectively while walking:

1. Carry weights
The extra "burden" you carry can trigger more calorie burns from the walking workout because more muscles are involved.

2. Moderate your pace
You don't have to walk as fast as a speeding bullet. Just keep your pace to moderate where you can still talk and not pant.

3. Keep smaller steps
Don't think that longer strides can burn all those flabs quick. Although it can give earn your mileage but the smaller steps are the most effective ones.

4. Set goals
Look at markers at the park as your start and end point.

5. Stand straight
The body's alignment can make your back and glutes' muscles to work effectively making your walk burn more calories.

6. Buy a great walking/running shoes
Choose a rubber shoes which is flexible and have minimum cushion on the front part because this will help on your power to push-off as you start your workout.

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