05 December 2010

Long Weekend is almost Over

Why is time short when you're having fun?!? The four days weekend is almost about to wrap. In few hours, I will be hugging my comforter and travel to dreamland only to wake up the next day feeling terrible. All because it is work week again, albeit shorter by a day. I am thankful for that.

I have been contemplating real hard these past few days. I am wondering how I can save more to expedite the build up of our funds. I have been researching over the long weekend on things I can possibly do once out of the work force. I still want to have a regular stream of income. It may not be as lavish as the current income I have but enough to put food on the table and pay the regular bills.

I think I am over-thinking again. This happens most of the time whenever I get upset or frustrated. At this point, it's a tie between the two worse emotions to feel and it has to be at the same time. Must be brought about the fact that I have to work again tomorrow.

I wish work days are shorter - say, 1 day and the rest is for play and relaxation. That will make me a very happy person indeed!

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